Aspects of globalization: A Dutch-German students project

Aspects of globalization: A Dutch-German students  project

A delegation of the Dutch Koning Willem I College visited the Berufliche Schule Butzbach to bring a joint project about the increasing influence of globalization on our everyday lives to a close. At our school the project was part of the English language course that prepares for technical school diploma (Fachhochschulreife).

In addition to this project work at the topic globalization together with our assistants for media and design the seven Dutch students and two teachers who study and work in the field of mechatronics at home took part in some classes. In the bilingual (CLIL) electrical engineering lessons of the assistants for solar thermal and photovoltaic systems they learned about the controlling of a solar lantern and the mechanical engineers (focus on energy management and energy efficiency) presented their environmental projects in English. A guided tour around the school’s low energy house, the zero energy house and the visit of the Voestalpine BWG GmbH in Butzbach completed the visit.

The globalization project consisted of an introductory phase in which the students worked on materials that had been put together by the Dutch and German teachers. This joint lesson preparation took place using an Internet based conference platform.  The next step was to form student groups in both countries that worked in parallel on different aspects of globalization like migration, trade, production and consumption.  The students shared their findings with their respective partner group using e-mail. The work at a joint brochure in English, Dutch and German followed. Each of the Dutch groups sent one delegate to Butzbach which made it possible to finalize the brochure together. Click here to view the finished product.

The Koning Willem I College is located in a rural, marshy area in the south of the Netherlands in the town of s’Hertogenbosch at the river Dieze.  The colourful frog is a mascot that refers to the marshy landscape around s’Hertogenbosh.