KMK-Certificate English

KMK-Certificate English

Foreign languages – a bonus for applicants. Steadily increasing demand for the KMK Foreign Language Certificate: English at the Butzbach Vocational School and Technical College!

This year more than 60 students studying food engineering and mechanical engineering at the Butzbach Vocational School and Technical College took advantage of having their vocational language skills certified. When handing out the certificates to the successful students the head of school Ms. Waitz-Dahl and the assistant head of school Mr. Rubisch stressed the importance of vocational English skills in a Europe that is growing together. 

The KMK language certificate offers apprentices and students in advanced vocational training a way to document their vocational language skills in addition to the regular vocational exams. The certificate is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, and holds validity throughout all of Europe and even countries outside of Europe. Three different levels of competence take the individual student’s language skills into account.

The English teacher Mr. Koethe pointed out that alumni of the Butzbach Vocational School and Technical College  had reported that companies in food engineering and metal engineering increasingly demanded vocational English language skills and that the extra language certificate had helped them to get the job. He added that good language skills also helped engineers when applying for jobs abroad, as examples from the past have shown. 

The school integrates the preparation for this optional language certificate, which students have to pay for, as much as possible into the regular English classes. This gives students an advantage while preparing for the test.